Pascale stands in front of the screen printing press, smiling at the camera, and giving a thumbs up

Hi, we’re Pinpoint! Nice to meet you :) 

Pinpoint was born in the summer of 2016 when Pascale, an artist in Newfoundland & Labrador, had to come up with a name for their collection of screenprinted designs on the eve of their first market. True to form, Pascale’s brainstorming session, mostly a string of “ummms” peppered with absurdities, yielded one decent result:  “Pinpoint”, a nickname for her cat Pinki’s tiny paws. 

Since then, Pinpoint has blossomed from a basement-based design and screenprinting brand to an above-ground one (yeah!) with a brick and mortar shop (heck yeah!). Our retail store includes carefully curated brands that complement our own, to help nice people find fun pieces they can vibe with. Pick and choose your Pinpoint and say to the world “I’m me and I’m great, you’re welcome, thanks” (or something along those lines).