Set of 6 Mini Plant Ornaments
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Set of 6 Mini Plant Ornaments

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What could be more adorable than a miniature felted version of your favourite handsome house plant? Just like the real deal, these cuties are all made from entirely natural and biodegradble materials.

Set includes 1 x of each of the following hanging decorations:

  • Aloe Vera - (Zebra leaf, orange base)
  • Simple Fern - (Brown Base - Green leaves)
  • Tall Espostoa Cactus (Green Base - 3 Cactus Spikes)
  • Pilea Plant (Navy Base with Round Leaves)
  • Stumpy Espostoa Cactus (White Base with Rounded Cactus Spikes)
  • Bubble Succulent (Charcoal base with small, bubbled leaves)

Dimensions: approx. 9cm each.
Materials: Wool

Made in Nepal